A really common question when people see a book from the Vosteros world is, “Is this part of a series?” The answer is yes, but at the same time, the answer is no. Since that sounds really confusing, we’ll explain.

Every book in the Vosteros universe is a complete book to itself and can be read independently of all other books in the Vosteros universe. This means you can pick up any book at any point and it make perfect sense. You don’t have to worry about reading them in order.

That being said, each book is also part of what we call a “macro plot” that revolves around a particular event, usually a Cataclysm. The first macro plot that we’re doing is known as The Collision of Worlds and it’s main characters include Tavoritti Sun (Trinity of Worlds), Merkit Xi (The Epic of Will), Mordicai Awebringer (Awebringer), and Faebus Thye (The Sojourner’s Legacy). Trinity of Worlds  and The Epic of Will are currently available and Awebringer is being worked on currently.

 The Collision of Worlds


The Collision of Worlds story line details the creation of modern Vosteros. Originally three separate realms, Evertell, Askurii and ViViRum created by The One God, the realms are thrown together in a cataclysmic event that shakes the foundations of each realm. The individual books in the Collision of Worlds macro plot each tell the story of one of the 4 harbingers; one that embodies the principle essence of each realm and one that embodies them all and has the destiny to invoke change.

Trinity of Worlds Draft 2TRINITY OF WORLDS

Trinity of Worlds is the epic tale of a boy, his sword, and the legend they create. Follow as the greatest warlord in the history of Vosteros journeys through the three realms in search of the ultimate challenge. In his journey, he finds not only his true strength but also the true struggle the the realms are soon to face. When he finally arrives back home he realizes that everything has changed, including himself.

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TNM_Epic of Will Cover_V5_CCZ_061515THE EPIC OF WILL:

The Epic of Will tells the story of Merkit Xi. Born with the power to influence the world by manipulating the most powerful of the three essences of life, Merkit must decide how best to use his gift. His struggle is not about what he can do, but rather what he should.


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